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The World's Leading Sightseeing Tour Bus Has Landed In Lebanon!


Starting on May 4th, you will be able to tour Lebanon and visit its wonderful historical and monumental places on bright, cheerful, and fun-filled red open top buses!

The double-decker buses gained fame abroad and were heavily sought after by tourists and visitors to some of the world’s top destinations (most notably London). Found in almost 100 locations worldwide which span six of the seven continents, the leading brand, City Sightseeing, is finally settling in Lebanon!

The buses will have 16 different stops in Lebanon’s most historical sites, and the tickets for these rides will be sold in different places such as ABC malls, Beirut Souks and many other places where a booth for City Sightseeing Lebanon will be available.

Make use of this awesome new initiative and play tourist in your own country to get to know more about every Lebanese trademark!

For more information, contact +9611332201.
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