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The Wonders of the Sea

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Address: Jdeidet El Metn. Facing Sagesse School. Assaad Yazbeck Residence


Tel: 961-1/89 15 48

Mobile: 961-3/62 60 69
Email: info@wondersofthesea.net
Website: http://www.wondersofthesea.net

Unlock the secrets of the aquatic world with a visit to “The Wonders of the sea”. Join us for an educational voyage of discovery to the mysteries and magic of marine life. 10 minutes from the heart of Beirut, set within a traditional Lebanon house and its garden, “The Wonders of the sea” museum offers an instructive and cultural experience to children and adults alike.

Facebook: thewondersofthesea

Schools are required to call for an appointment

P.O.Box: 90-025 – jdeidet el Matn 1202 2010 Lebanon

Opening HoursMonday / Friday: 08h30 to 13h30 Saturday / Sunday: 15h00 to 19h00 July to August Monday / Friday: 08h30 to 13h30
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