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Tel: 961-07/75 35 99

Website: http://www.fondationaudi.org/english/musésaven
Description: The Soap Museum is located inside Sidon's old town and is part of the Audi Islet. The islet encompasses three separate but interconnected entities: a soap factory that dates as far back as the 17th century and that has been transformed into the Soap Museum, an early 20th-century family residence located right above the museum, and other ancient, traditional lodgings that have been grafted into the compound.
The soap factory's restoration was initiated by the Audi family and now the Soap Museum showcases many varieties of handmade soap while detailing the stages of soap manufacturing and the diversity of its properties. The careful restoration of the site has highlighted the stunning architectural elements so that any visit to the Soap Museum is a virtual flight back to the past and to Sidon's glory days as a thriving trade center.
An elegant gift store, named Hammam, sells 100% natural products related to the bath, such as soap, in addition to bathrobes and other toiletries. On the ground floor of the restored mansion, right behind the actual museum, there's a small cafe serving sweets, sandwiches, and other snacks.
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