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Email: triplem@mouawad.com
Website: http://www.rmom.info
Description: Resembling the Lebanese spirit, it is a palace reflecting the numerous strata that constitute our soil.
Phoenicia, Greece, Rome, Byzantium, and Islamic art all share a small space in incomparable harmony.
A patriotic patron of the arts, Mr Robert Mouawad, international jeweler, turned a private home into a museum that is open to the public.
Seven years of restoration work has transformed this distinguished palace into a lavish space.
The renowned jeweler has cut a rough diamond and made it sparkle and glitter. Sculpted stones, polychrome marble, painted wood, thousand-year-old metallic objects, china, Islamic pottery, Phoenician statues, Greek Roman steles, Byzantine capitals, jewelry, ancient books and manuscripts are displayed for visitors. A visit that delights the senses and nourishes the mind. A space in which beauty welcomes culture, particularly the culture of dialogue. It was only normal for Lebanon, a mosaic of cultures, to create a dialogue among cultures in this space, located in the heart of the capital.
In addition to regular literary circles, the museum organizes a number of other activities: learning to interpret icons or appreciate works of art, perfecting the art of listening to classical music, history archeology introduction to drawing, handicrafts. It is not only a palace, a museum, and a cultural center, but also a welcoming space for everyone seeking authentic artistic, aesthetic, and spiritual nourishment.

The Boutique "l'Espace des Cré,,ateurs" offers you range of selective handicrafts articles produced by talented Lebanese artists.
We welcome wedding receptions, dinners, cocktail events and other social and wordly events in our beautiful garden equipped for this type of event.
Opening Hours9.00 a.m till 5.00 p.m
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