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Address: Beirut Damascus Road


Tel: 961-1/42 67 03

Description: A fascinating introduction to Lebanon's vibrant history, the National Museum of Beirut holds innumerable treasures providing a living testament to the country's rich heritage.
The museum first opened in 1943, displaying antiquities from excavations in Beirut, Sidon, and Tyre. Over the years, the museum's collection grew in size and significance, and served as a repository of Levantine culture until the Lebanese war's outbreak in 1975. The museum was severely damaged during the war years, but was finally reopened in 1999, after a half-million-dollar facelift.
The first floor of the museum is dedicated to mosaics and stone pieces from the Roman and Byzantine eras, along with monuments from the second and first millenniums BC. The second floor is reserved for smaller and finer objects, including pottery, jewelry, and glass objects.
Museum highlights include King Ahiram's limestone sarcophagus with its inscription of the first phonetic alphabet, anthropoid sarcophagi, ancient stone objects, statues, and tombs that date back to the year 4000 BC.

The entrance fee is LL5,000 for the general public and LL1,000 for students.
Opening HoursTuesday-Sunday 9AM-5PM.
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