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Address: Mansourieh - Ain Najem, Secretariat Genaral des Ecoles Catholiques

Mobile: 961-3/85 08 00
Description: The Lebanese Heritage Museum is divided into five halls and eight historical eras.
-First hall: Lebanon ''Witness through the ages''
Phoenician era: 1300 - 330 BC, Hellenistic era: 330 - 64 BC
Roman era: 64 B.C - 330 AD, Byzantine era: 330 - 631 AD
-Second hall: The Islamic era (631 AD) (Mameluke)
-Third hall: Lebanon in the 19th century (Ottoman period)
-Fourth hall: Youssef Bey Karam (Hero of Independence of Lebanon)
-Fifth hall: Contemporary Lebanon (20th century)
The heritage exhibited in this museum is considered Arabic as much as Lebanese because all these civilizations and cultures grew in Lebanon as well as in the Arab world, that is why these contents are a true authentic treasure.
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