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Address: Near the Citadel in Byblos

Description: An adventure through Lebanese history, the Historic Wax Museum in Byblos takes visitors back to the Phoenician era and guides them all the way to modern times and into Lebanon's recent history, including independence in 1943. The museum, which was originally opened in 1970, also provides exhibits showcasing Lebanese rural life.
Highlights include a lifelike statue of famed Lebanese author Khalil Gibran writing at his desk, two artisans creating colorful Phoenician glasswork, a statue of Alexander the Great prior to the burning of Tyre, a traditional Lebanese wedding scene, and a depiction of the 1916 revolt against Ottoman rule, which resulted in the execution of the leading revolutionaries on Martyrs' Square in Downtown Beirut.
Opening HoursDaily from 9AM-6PM.
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