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Address: Khatoun Building, Badaro Street Beirut, Lebanon


Tel: 961-1/395 010

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Email: info@beyondlearningmena.com
Website: http://www.beyondlearningmena.com/
Description: Character building begins early and our life skills keep growing with us. Responding to a growing need of educated parents, who want more than the usual for their little ones, Beyond Learning offers purposefully fun edutainment programs for young people. Programs welcome different ages throughout the year and offer much more than the usual kid’s activities.

All Beyond Learning activities are designed by education and training professionals and are meant to inspire the right skills, knowledge, and character for the right kind of start in life. Beyond Learning invites parents in as partners who are involved in the community and take part in the learning experience.

ActivitiesLoompaland Summer Camp
Ages 4-12, 12-14 (Oompateens)
Loompaland is an exceptionally successful 4-week program that builds character and leadership capacities. Every year at Loompaland, we learn to be valuable members of the community, stay fit, explore our interests, gain life skills, camp, play with others, and make friends. Professional and enthusiastic educators help young people with the ‘5 areas of growth and development’: physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and existential. Loompaland runs on 6 core ethical values: respect, responsibility, trustworthiness, citizenship, fairness, & caring. The camp is always well organized, safe, and affordable.

Sindibad Programs (Winter and Spring)
Ages 4-14
Two Sindibad programs take place each year, “The Legend of the 7 days,” in winter, teaches life skills and develops character with different activities and trips geared towards building a young person with impact!
The 4-day “Spring Voyage” is survival oriented, with young people spending their Easter break getting inspired, getting active, and living with purpose in a fun, safe, outdoor environment.

Ages 14-17
A new leadership and teamwork boot camp for youth that takes place in a natural setting during the summer vacation. The we.lead program involves teens in a valuable experience that will steer them towards lives of success, build their self-esteem, and help them develop the qualities of a leader. Professional guest trainers and speakers serve alongside the Beyond Learning team to help the youths lead themselves, lead with others, and lead with the community.

Trips and Events
Beyond Learning also offers a range of trips and activities for youth and families during weekends & national holidays. These outings can develop spirit, skills, and interests, and get people involved in the community. Join the Spring Egg Hunt, Fiesta Week, Ski-school weekends, or any other exciting events by Beyond Learning!
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