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Compagnie Libanaise De Teleferique

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Address: Haret Sakr - Mammeltein Road


Tel: +961-9/914 530

Email: comments@teleferiquelb.com
Website: http://www.teleferiquelb.com
Description: One of Lebanon’s oldest and most visited tourist attractions, the gondolas of the Teleferique aerial cableway are a trip down memory lane, from a pioneering venture in 1965 to a beautifully preserved modern-day attraction offering breathtaking views of the bay of Jounieh and the surrounding city, the Teleferique is an impressive testimony to time gone by, one meter at a time.

Mission & Vision
The Teleferique offers a most exclusive experience for Lebanese and non-Lebanese visitors, families or groups, from all walks of life capitalizing on its unique environment, combining natural, familial, and spiritual values at the doorstep of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lebanon.

Visiting Experience

Your tour can begin from either the Maameltein area of the city, 16 km from Beirut, or from the sanctuary atop the pine-forested slopes of the Harissa mountain where Our Lady of Lebanon towers high above the Mediterranean bay of Jounieh. A gentle glide up will slowly reveal spectacular vantage points of the city, the sea and surrounding landscape. As you soar to nearly 650 meters above sea level, the exhilarating nine-minute excursion is quickly replaced by an exploration of your taste buds, as you sample delectable delights from your choice of restaurants and cafes at the Teleferique Food Court & Playgrounds. A short trip up the Funicular will take you up the remaining distance to the statue of Our Lady of Lebanon and the adjacent Basilica before your final descent from sky back to sea again.

Technical Supervision & Safety Record
The Teleferique has maintained an unblemished safety record throughout its years of service, with no injuries reported to date. Its solid German-built technical infrastructure is still in excellent condition and well maintained on a weekly basis by our local team of technicians, supervised by European bodies of inspection that visit the premises yearly. Powerful backup generators operate in case of electrical cut-offs.
ActivitiesPassengers Transport.
Sport FacilitiesEVENT PACKAGES: When available.
Other FacilitiesAVERAGE AGES: 25/40
Opening HoursDecember to March : 10:00 AM till 6:00 PM

Closed on Mondays
July to September : 11:00 AM till 9:00 PM
Monday to Thursday LL 9,000 Round trip
Friday to Sunday LL 11,000.

RESTAURANT: Laura and Sweet Corner.
Lebanese food, snacks and sweet.
Facebook Page www.facebook.com/teleferiquelb
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