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Les Caves de Dar Azar Restaurant, Fresh & Authentic, Beit Mery, Beirut, Lebanon

19 Dec 2018
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Les Caves de Dar Azar, Fresh & Authentic
A historic restaurant, perched on the hilltop of Beit Mery; Spectacular views overlooking Beirut and set within architectural splendour.

Perched on the hilltop of Beit Mery with spectacular views overlooking Beirut, Les Caves de Dar Azar is a historic restaurant set within architectural splendour. Its base is a 110 year old structure, commonly known as an “Aked” in Arabic, or a series of Caves.

The entire concept design and food is built on being “Fresh & Authentic”. Fresh menu ingredients, fresh dishes, fresh colour schemes, authentic structure not to mention an authentic welcome and service team.

The menu is a compilation of some favourite French and Italian dishes of dining enthusiasts, using the freshest ingredients and all cooked a la minute to ensure a premium quality of food and flavour. A selection of Organic dishes enhances the menu for the health conscious. A wood stone oven is the icing on the cake. Pizzas made of fresh yeast, homemade tomato sauce and cooked to perfection in a Wood stone oven.

Specialties will be served regularly such as Moules et Frite on Thursdays, Fondue and Raclette on the winter menu and much much more.

Open for lunch and dinner, Wednesdays through Sunday. This place is not to be missed.

The minute you walk in you feel relaxed, at home, with the flavours of your favourite dishes cooked to perfection. Les Caves de Dar Azar, Fresh and Authentic.

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